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Pre-Purchase inspections carried out by Sydney’s most experienced and qualified team…

Buying a new home can be a daunting experience. Notwithstanding the considerable financial investment required, there are often many unknown factors including whether you’ll enjoy living there, whether you’ll get on with your new neighbours and how much additional money you’ll need to spend carrying out repairs or renovations on your new property. A pre-purchase building inspection can offer considerable peace of mind by ensuring you enter the transaction fully educated on existing or likely future defects and can assess how these problems are likely to affect your lifestyle and hip pocket.

We investigate...

  • Home or apartment interior
  • Home or apartment exterior
  • The building’s roof exterior
  • The roof cavity
  • The sub-floor area of the building
  • The surrounding areas

We look for...

  • Major structural defects
  • Minor structural defects
  • Any items that may be conducive to future major defects
  • Any other item that our inspectors and technology pick up

The Report...

  • Turned around and delivered to your digitally in less than 24 hours.
  • Extremely clear and concise layout, easy to understand.
  • Ultra high resolution images that you can zoom into.
  • Contains complete repair and maintenance suggestions
  • Comply to the latest standards in building and property codes
  • Inspections and reports completed by registered and qualified builders with 15+ years of experience.


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Don’t leave your next property purchase to chance!

Your future house or investment property may be very well presented and appear to be in excellent condition but unless you’re trained to know exactly what to look for, there may be a multitude of structural or other defects that end up costing you considerably more than just the purchase price. Aside from the financial implications of purchasing without a pre-purchase property inspection, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself or your family to physical danger from things like chemical contamination or retaining wall failures.

Using the latest technology, Landmark will carry out a thorough pre-purchase inspection of every room of the property, as well as its exterior, and report back to you on both major and minor defects. Being builders ourselves, we understand the areas of a building that are prone to structural damage and how to identify any indicators that all is not right. Examples of areas covered in our comprehensive report includes deterioration of supporting posts or stirrups, breakdown of waterproofing materials, movement of retaining walls, fungal wood rot and termite damage, drainage problems, condition and locations of smoke alarms and assessment of pool fence suitability. Our report will provide a detailed checklist of areas inspected and major as well as minor defects found. We’ll also make recommendations regarding, and arrange for, further investigative inspections around plumbing and electrical systems as required.

All our professionals are insured, have a minimum of 15 years’ building experience and operate within our strict code of conduct. We’re able to conduct pre-purchase building and timber pest inspections in the metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and every other Australian city from Monday to Saturday. You will have your report on the same day as the inspection if conducted before 1pm, or in as little as 24 hours if conducted after 1pm.

Sydney boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world so if you’re considering buying a new property in this beautiful city, chances are it won’t be cheap! Protect your investment with a Landmark pre-purchase property inspection, which also includes a pre-purchase timber pest inspection, and you can rest assured you’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision. Your new Sydney dream home may be beautifully presented but that doesn’t mean, hidden behind its gleaming exterior, there is not a multitude of problems just waiting to drain your bank account. A Landmark pre-purchase building inspection ensures existing or future problems can be identified and the cost to address them can be factored into your purchase decision and the price you are willing to pay.

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